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Time: 2021-06-25
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166mm 9BB Bifacial Mono PERC Cell

Size: 166mm × 166mm ± 0.25mm (diameter 223 ± 0.25mm)

Thickness (cell): 170 ± 20 μm

Front(-):Silicon oxide + blue silicon nitride compound anti-reflection coating (PID Free); The width of bus bar is 0.14±0.1 mm and the head of bus bar is forked; The number of fingers is 122;The front side of the solar cell is designed as a half sheet.

Back(+):Rear side of bifacial cell: Passivated Emitter (AlOx and SiNx dual layer) rear contact;the rear side is composed of 12 roots rear compound bus bar and 150 roots rear Al fingers: the rear compound bus bar is partially narrowed; 6 section Ag electrode with a width of 2.1±0.3 mm was embedded in rear Al bus bar; The width of hollow section in Al field is 1.9±0.3 mm, and the width of exposed Ag electrode is 1.5±0.3 mm; there is no laser groove under the rear electrode.

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