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Core Advantages

1. Technological innovation

Has 110 national patents, including 31 invention patents. Independent research and development + introduction, absorption and re-innovation: to ensure high efficiency and high power of the product, such as: low reflection suede technology, SE, back alkali polishing, PERC, MBB, high square resistance The development of junction density technology is compatible with the introduction of 182mm and 210mm silicon wafer production equipment; to ensure high product quality and high reliability, such as: backside anti-PID film development, super hydrogen passivation anti-LID technology development, gallium-doped silicon wafer anti-LID Technology development, etc.

2. Equipment advantages

Adopt the most advanced intelligent production equipment in the world to automate the production line, create a fully automated unmanned workshop, and manage the entire life cycle of the company's production equipment, with the goal of higher equipment utilization, lower fragmentation rate and high production capacity. Provide guarantee for continuous and efficient production.

3. Scientific management

Have an independent research and development center, focusing on the research and development of high-efficiency batteries;Established a complete quality management system to ensure that product quality meets customer requirements; A project reward mechanism has been established to stimulate employees’ sense of innovation and enthusiasm.

4. Cost Control

Have a stable gold supplier system and a complete supply chain; Have better battery performance, lower attenuation LID<0.5%, double IEC has passed customer certification; Rich experience in operation management, high overall operation efficiency, and high cost-effective products.


                         1. Texturing                                                      2. Diffusion                                                         3. Laser SE 


                  4. Chain thermal oxygen                                         5. Go to PSG                                                   6. caustic soda


                 7. Thermal Oxygen Passivation                            8. Back passivation                                         9. Positive film PECVD


                   10. Laser grooving                                             11. Metallization                                               12. Dot injection


                  13. Sub-test


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