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Solar Cell Cooperation

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Almaden Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2006 and listed on the SME Board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. 

The company serves as a vice chairman of the CNECC under China Federation of Industry and Commerce, a vice-chairman 

of China Association of Building and Industrial Glass and the chairman of the Changzhou Solar industry association. 

Almaden is a technology-oriented enterprise. Since its establishment the company has been committed to the research 

and innovation of solar glass coating technology. The production capacity and sales volume of its main product, anti-reflective 

coating solar glass, rank the forefront of the industry. Moreover, the company gains a good reputation both in China and abroad. 

Almaden is an integrated solar company that has investment from materials to terminal power plants. Based on glass technology, 

the company developed ultra-thin dual-glass frameless solar module, by combining the world-leading ultra-thin physical tempering 

technology with a unique solar module design concept. Almaden is trying to lead the industry to a lightweight era with thinner, 

lighter and more durable solar modules.

To break industry limitations and seek more extensive development, Almaden has further explored and studied photoelectric glass technology 

based on its forward-looking development strategy, and has turned into one of few enterprises in China that are capable of manufacturing large-size ultra-thin photoelectric glass.

In the future, Almaden will continue to forge ahead, seek growth and move toward next peak!

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